Stonehouse Music Cooperative

A little story.

While kayaking in the upper peninsula of Michigan back in 2000, we found an amazing Lake Superior stone farm house which was dubbed,  "The Stonehouse" and became home until 2009.

During those years, thanks to a wonderfully supportive & producer husband,
Aj founded " The Stonehouse Music Cooperative", a collective of Michigan songwriters and musicians, and produced it's first edition in 2006.

The Stone House along with another lake house project in Melrose, Florida - fueled more projects  which led to restoring a 1922
general store in Traunik, Michigan incarnated as
Lily's Organic Foods and Espreso bar, which we operated until it's sale in 2010. Onto Calumet, Michigan !

Fischer's immediate return to music sparked thanks to the prodding of friends.

2017 projects in the works:
Stonehouse Music Cooperative's Vol 2
Until then, catch both Aj & Jeff Fischer honing their printing talents with the latest incarnation:
Bohemia Printing
A totally Green T- Shirt Printing Company
20 South Main Street
L'Anse, Michigan
Reviews of Deo Volente Vol.1

Acoustic guitarist and singer debut release "Deo Volente, Vol. 1" is a tapesty of spicy jazz licks, (A Poet's Affair, When He Gets Bored), tender yet unsentimental ballads, (Rigby, The Mayflower Bookstore), and foot tapping odes to the open road, (Desert Skies, Trains).

Her songs are seamlessly  crafted originals, poetry set to melodies which are by turns lilting, playful, moody, spare, and haunting. I had fun imagining her songs as soundtracks, such as the song "Tundra" with the film "Smilla's Sense of Snow."

At times I was reminded of Emmylou, Gillian Welch, and Joni Mitchell, but it would be more fair and true to say Aj can stand in her own right with the likes of these nationally known performers. She's that good, her songs are that powerful, and her musicianship, well that ain't too bad either".

A seasonal resident of Michigan, Fischer decided to "Blow into town and record.." hence, the release of Deo Volente Vol. 1. In addition to vocals and guitar, Fischer composes accordion, piano, along with the harmony back up.

Additional musicians include the wonderfully charged music of Jazz Mandolinist, Don Julin and Bassist, Glenn WolffTwo mega talents from Traverse City... - FA

"--There have been years of woodsheding while building her own "off the grid" home out of cordwood masonry, not playing for audiences for years at stretch.
"Music and swinging a hammer just don't mesh well, my hands would hurt, and there's just too much work ahead of you everyday.." But a performance in Biloxi, Mississippi prompted Fischer to return to music in 1995 after her cabin was finished".

"A poet with a guitar as a prop."is how Aj describes her art and what she does. She offer as evidence an accomplished and haunting debut recording, 
Deo Volente, Vol I

These songs are crafted with a sure melodic sense and performed with a smoky elegance. As she treks
across musical terrain from folk-bop to finely
etched character pieces, the geographic landscapes of her nomadic lifestyle is evident throughout the album. Although a classically trained piano & guitar player, Fischer shed formal teaching methods, reaching into the ever mysterious spontanious life of song weaving, logging 10 books of travel and music."... the rest, remains in the future
- NS Record Eagle

Fischer's "Poets Affair" featured on Redfella's Record's 2008 release in Marquette, Michigan.

2012-2016 Keweenaw Performances Featuring Aj's Songs:

Michigan Songsmith Performance Calumet Michigan
Houghton's Bridgefest
Art Walk Copper Harbor
Steve Brimm's Porch Music, Copper Harbor Michigan
The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge
Music & Poetry at The Vertin Art Gallery
Art and Music Exibits ~ Ed Gray Gallery
Root Notes Music Stage
Community Arts Festival in Houghton, Michigan
Wheatland Music Festival
Mackinac City's Respect The Water Music Festival
Red Sky Stage & Radio

Fischer Began playing at
Shield's Keller & The Sawmill in
Traverse City, Michigan

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
She started traveling in the late seventies, and later spent 17 winters in Dallas and Austin, Texas. She worked for 8 of those years for Tom Garrison at the Stoneleigh P, and "Strictly Tabu",  a venue for jazz musicians coming out of Denton's North Texas University -which she states;
"Working at a furious pace and listening to Jazz music 6 nights affected my ears & soul forever, in a good way *wink* which also prompted her to study Joe Pass guitar method which can be heard weaving through her compositions.
"For those lucky enough to have ever heard her, you know what I mean when I say the word - magical."
B.Sullivan, WKTL Music

Past Sitings:
Wheatland Music Festival

The Sutton's Bay Theater
Aura Jamboree
The Biloxi Theater
Hiawatha Music Festival
Song Writer's in the round
Frog Island Festival

Air Currents:
Manodzine Radio Artists
Reverb Nation


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